Mountain Meadow Mist Hydrosol is a micro batch distillation of a specific bio regional blend of peak season botanicals.

These plants grow together during a specific time of year and therefore offer synergistic properties all geared towards regeneration and healing.

Yarrow- Helps to break up stagnation in skin by increasing bloodflow

Arnica-Contains pain relieving compounds

Mugwort-  High in Anti-inflammatory properties. Helps with redness and sensitive skin

Fireweed-  Oenothein-B helps to promote wound healing

My distillation process only uses wild sourced spring water.


*Blends well with Flora Facial Oil or Wild River Clay Mask.  Use as a "Pick me up" during the day and transport yourself to the center of an alpine meadow. Refresh yourself while camping, traveling, or after your yoga/surf/ski/snowboard/pottery/dance/meditation ECT sessions. 

*Holistic skincare that helps support your skin's natural functions by using vibrant and wild plant based ingredients.

*A portion of your purchase goes to organizations that protect these wild lands for generations to come.

*Know your allergies and always do a skin patch test when using a new product

*STORAGE* To keep your hydrosol vibrant and fresh, please keep out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. If you are keeping it in your bathroom at room temp and out of direct sunlight, the shelf life is 6 months. If you would like to maximize the shelf life once opened, keep in your fridge and it can last up to a year. I use mine up within 2 months, but I'm an avid mister!

Mountain Meadow Mist

  • No returns or refunds, but please contact me directly with any questions or concerns regarding the product.

    Thank you

  • Please allow up to 3 business days for your product to be shipped out via my rural/ local post office.

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