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Our lymphatic system does not have it's own pump, and relies on the movement of our muscles to keep it flowing through our body.  

As winter approaches, our lymphatic system becomes sluggish due to the fact that we move less, eat more and the cold contracts our vessels.

Our lymphatic system is tied to our immune system, so let's keep things flowing.


Featuring wild riverside botanicals.


Violet-revered for moving stuck and stagnant lymph and has traditionally been acclaimed for softening hardness in glandular tissues.

Horsetail-400million yr old plant that is high in silica and magnesium. High in anti inflammatory properties

Japanese Knotweed-High in resveratrol which has been know to helps to improve bloodflow and circulation

Cleaver-known to help move stagnant lymph


Mindfully apply this phytonutrient dense oil to your body, preferably after dry brushing and bathing. Use smooth and slow strokes toward your heart center


*Holistic skincare that helps support your skin's natural functions by using vibrant and wild plant based ingredients.

*Know your allergies and always do a skin patch test when using a new product

*Storage* store in a cool dry place. Shelf life is 1 year after opening.

Lymphatic Love Body Oil

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